Living in Lake Forest, Orange County, California

Located in the OC in beautiful Southern California, Lake Forest is a beautiful city with a vibrant population of 77,264 (2010).

It was established in the year 1991 on December 20th and used to be known as "El Toro" at one stage. Earlier on, Lake Forest was smaller in size, but the local vote instated Foothill Range and Portola Hills into the mix. These were developments in the region, and they resulted in the city expanding. It was the Northeast side of Lake Forest, which saw the expansion come to fruition and it meant many new houses, people, and commercial centers. At this moment, Lake Forest is well-regarded as being one of the safest areas to live in all of Orange Country alongside places such as Irvine and Mission Viejo.

With two man-made lakes near Lake Forest, it is a beautiful setting for those who want something unique. This includes the custom homes in the region and some of the new properties being made. Since the lakes are man-made, they're managed on a routine basis by neighborhood associations. The two lakes are named "Sun and Sail Club" and Lake Forest Beach. Both lakes have a range of amenities including saunas, volleyball courts, swimming pools, clubhouses, and hot tubs.

The city is named after the lake, and it sits near Jeronimo, Ridge Route, and Serrano Road with some of the most beautiful greenery surrounding it. It was in the 1900s when Dwight Whiting used 400 acres of land as a way to plant Eucalyptus groves. The premise was to encourage growth in the region, and it was successful when it came to the lumber industry. It was able to bring home the Occidental Petroleum company (the 1960s), and a community was built in what is now known as Lake Forest. Over time, these groves grew and became what they are known as now.

In 2014, Lake Forest Sports Park and its recreation center opened. The Sports Park was built to bring in new business and encourage community participation near Saddleback Church. The park is spread across 86.2 acres of land and has been rezoned over time to make it one of the biggest parks in the county. The Recreation Center is home to numerous amenities including activity rooms, classrooms, gyms, and different recreation programs.

Lake Forest Real Estate in 2012 - Condos and homes values were at a median mark of $457,600. Whereas for California it was at $349,400. We talk more about this in our Lake Forest Housing Blog.

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