City of Fullerton, CA


Living in Fullerton, California

The City of Fullerton is a location sure to satisfy any prospective resident. There are a number of highly-reputed high schools in the Fullerton School District, not to mention several institutions of higher learning. In addition to its educational opportunities, Fullerton offers tremendous entertainment and recreational options in a comfortable atmosphere. It really combines the best aspects of a smaller town with the excitement of a larger urban center.

Another appealing aspect of Fullerton is the fact that it is extremely clean and full of wonderful places to shop. Healthcare is a significant industry in the city, and housing stock in the vicinity is impressive indeed. The city is accessible from just about everywhere, given its proximity to freeways and popular surface roads.

Fullerton’s dining and entertainment options are seemingly endless, catering to a wide range of tastes and budgets. They even have a movie theater where you can eat in! It’s called AMC Fullerton 20 with Dine-in Theatres.

The presence of the St. Jude Medical Center and Hospital makes this location a frequent destination for many. Navigating Fullerton itself is surprisingly convenient, given the logical traffic patterns and flow.

Fullerton Hangout Spots

There is no doubt that Fullerton represents the very best in comfortable living. It has a reputation as being relatively artistic in feel, as demonstrated by its monthly Art Walks. The downtown district offers numerous dance, music, art and theater venues, making Fullerton a real draw for many. The city is substantial in size, and those shopping for a new home will be pleased with the availability of high-quality condominiums, apartments, and single-family dwellings. Anyone who enjoys a bit of nightlife will want to take advantage of the local bars, restaurants, and clubs. The cultural and ethnic diversity of of this city lends a sense of vibrancy to everything that occurs here.

California State University’s Fullerton campus is centrally located in the heart of it all, including shopping, entertainment and transportation hubs. Those looking for some excitement need only hit the highway for a short jaunt over to the Honda Center, Disneyland and other major attractions. The SOCO District is also close by, offering a thrilling experience to diners, dancers and lovers of the good life.

People love it there!

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Outdoor Living

Outdoor enthusiasts are sure to revel in the glories of the Fullerton Trails. The variety of paths available make every hike or run a real pleasure. Folks looking for an indoor exercise experience will find a plethora of gyms and yoga facilities all over town.

Young professionals can find a great deal to love about Fullerton. While the road system is sometimes marked by serious congestion, the city itself is close to just about everything a person could want. Grocery shopping is within a stone’s throw of most locations and includes Costco and Sprouts stores. Asian markets are also plentiful, a feature that makes this city truly unique.

There can be no denying that this is a city full of vitality and vigor. No matter your age, hobbies or habits, you are certain to find what you need in Fullerton.