City of Santa Ana, CA

City of Santa Ana, California

downtown santa ana caSanta Ana is a very nice city to live in. The area has experienced economic growth ever since new businesses moved to the city. Thanks to efforts from nonprofit organizations like Latino Health Access, there has been an increase in community engagement and support recently.

Santa Ana Culture

Santa Ana, California features amazing culture. Every corner has affordable and delicious food on it. The people who live or work here are welcoming and friendly, but not excessively so. If you will be in the Orange County area, it is an excellent place to visit. Check out downtown Santa Ana if you are searching for nightlife entertainment. However, during the day, the rest of the city can be explored to see all of its beauty. This is a very family-friendly city that has a zoo and numerous mall playgrounds and parks. Due to its central location, traffic during mornings and evenings may be somewhat rough but during the day you can easily make your way through the city. So check out this fine city. You definitely will not be disappointed.

One of the favorite things that locals like to do is the Art Walk that takes place on the first Saturday of each month. There are music and food available. Local artists open their workspaces and galleries up to the general public. Santa Ana is definitely an up and coming place. It is a beautiful and majestic city with diverse economic backgrounds that are well represented.

Fun Activities to do in Santa Ana

There are numerous amenities available in Santa Ana. The thriving and strong Downtown area has turned this city into a central hub for both weekly and monthly activities. Over the past 7 years, there has been an increase in the nightlife, mainly due to the large adult population. In recent years, local leadership on the residential neighborhood level as well as the election of neighborhood and community leaders have resulted in policy decisions being created that allow the city of Santa Ana to reap in numerous commercial, economic and financial rewards. There are a number of major companies that have had their headquarters here for many years, including First American, Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, and Xerox. Commercial and real estate development, as well as re-development, have resulted in property being a lot more attractive in recent years compared to the past.

Santa Ana Education System

The educational system is mainly operated through the Santa Ana Unified School District. Other school districts such as Tustin, Orange, and Garden Grove serve the outer limits or parts of the city that the SAUSD does not serve. Most schools struggle along while schools of choice, magnet, charter and alternative schools have very quite prominent for students all over Orange County. They are frequently not exclusive to just Santa Ana students whose schools frequently lack resources or funding.