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Heading To Orange County? Here are 7 Attractions You Can’t Miss!

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1. Catalina Island

Catalina Island is a great place to go and escape. It is fairly close to shore; you can get there by taking a sixty-minute boat ride. The community is a stress-free zone, and visitors are often positively influenced by the atmosphere. You can hit a few golf balls, play in the water or just do a little shopping. There is no shortage of activities, as you will find a little something for everyone and every budget. Make it a day trip or plan to spend a few nights there. The weather is usually mild and the area is stunning.

2. Angels Stadium

Angels Stadium has a rich history, as a number of baseball legends, like Reggie Jackson and Rod Carew, have slipped on jerseys and taken the field to show off their amazing skills in front of a crowd of spectators. The entire stadium is for the Angels, and the entire property underwent a series of renovations that left it with several restaurants, terraced bullpens, and even a kid’s zone. In the summer, there are Friday night concerts that the public can attend for free.

3. Crystal Cove State Park

This picturesque park is a beacon for anyone that loves the outdoors because there is ample opportunity to get active in the space and there are a number of different lookout points as well. Visitors can move through a few thousand acres, enjoying horseback riding, biking, and hiking. There is even the opportunity to engage in water activities, like surfing, diving, and swimming, because there are several miles of coastline to enjoy. Keep an eye out for the tide pools! You can also rent a cottage on the beach, but so many people want these properties that it is difficult to secure a space The Beachcomber Cafe is also on the beach, and it is hard to get reservations to as well. If you want to grab a quick bite, check out Ruby’s Shake Shack. Be prepared to take on a few steps, however!

4. Disneyland

Disneyland Park is the original theme park build in Anaheim. It has been operational since 1955, and Walt Disney had an active role in its construction. At first, there was nothing else on the property. However, “Disneyland” changed to “Disneyland Park” as expansions took place.

5. Knott’s Berry Farm

Located in Buena Park, Knott’s Berry Farm consists of 160 acres of fun! It is a very popular space, hosting a lot of visitors each year. There are roller coasters, water rides, and kids’ rides on the property. The farm is a great benefit to the community, employing about 10,000 employees throughout the year.

6. OC Fair And Event Center

Also known as OCFEC, the OC Fair and Event Center consists of about 150 acres and is located in Costa Mesa. It welcomes more than 4 million visitors a year, as a number of events are hosted on site. The property consists of the Pacific Amphitheater, Costa Mesa Speedway, Centennial Farm and Orange County Fair.

7. Balboa Pier

On Newport Beach, you’ll find Balboa Pier, a location that many people enjoy visiting. You can fish from the pier, but it is also nice to just take a walk on it and look out toward the peninsula. If you are hungry, you’ll find a restaurant near the end of the pier. There are more near Balboa Boulevard and Main Street. If you are looking for a place to park, go north near Palm Street. There is a free lot where you can put your car.

It is difficult to secure a spot in the free lot, particularly as the day goes on. Therefore, try to plan your day so you can arrive early. There is more than just the pier to see; you can also head over to Peninsula Park, where you can enjoy a picnic lunch or just let the kids run and play. If you head south from there, you will find dunes and the Balboa Peninsula Beach. There is also a paved bike trail that skaters, bikers, and runners can all enjoy. If you are headed to the Newport Beach Pier, it is only about two miles away, making it easily accessible for those taking the trail.